386: The Hiring Triangle: CEO, CFO, and the Board | Samuel Dergel

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264: Performing Due Diligence on Your Next CFO Role | Samuel Dergel, Dergel Executive Search

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153: Creating Your Big-Data CFO Resume, Samuel Dergel, Stanton Chase International

Does your resume include a big-data initiative that actually drives revenue? Join us as Samuel Dergel explains what sets one big-data initiative apart from the rest and how career-minded finance leaders are modifying their career narratives to include their big-data feats of distinction. ¤
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080: The Secrets to Successful CEO CFO Courtships, Samuel Dergel, Stanton Chase

What should any CFO know about his or her CEO before accepting an offer?  Join us as Samuel shares insights into the critical C-suite pairing that remains an organizational linchpin for most businesses. Learn what virtue Samuel believes every finance executive must acquire in order to become a CFO. Sponsors BlackLine Systems Financial Close Suite helps…
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019: Samuel Dergel, Director, Stanton Chase, on the CFO & Relationship Building

What is the secret to CFO Success? Join us as Sam explains how relationship building has become the skillset-of-choice for successful CFOs. Sharing keen insights from his recently released Guide to CFO Success, Sam explores how the CFO role is changing and the types of experiences that are becoming must haves for future CFOs. A Collaborative Approach…
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272: In Search of Data | CFOs Discuss Their Data Ambitions

Other Related Discussions Ron Knutson, CFO, Lawson Products, Inc. Join us when Ron explains how adding an analytics unit to his finance team has extended the company’s lines of sight not only across the organization, but also into Lawson’s customer relationship David Morris, CFO, Guardian Pharmacy Join us when David  explains how Guardian’s continued rapid…
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