CFO Dossier | Marty Ostermiller, CFO, HireVue



novIt’s no secret that legacy accounting and financial processes remain formidable obstacles when it comes to establishing customer-centric organizations.

Think about it. Accounting rules focus the workforces of companies big and small on product costs and revenues, while altogether ignoring the value of customer loyalty—yet extensive research has shown that customer loyalty is an unmatched catalyst for growth.

Join this Webcast to hear an expert discussion on how customer satisfaction metrics have become top of mind among finance leaders now focused on rewiring the finance function to help drive customer satisfaction.

Attend this webinar and learn…

  • How to develop your CFO Customer-Centric Toolkit
  • Three easy ways to link customer loyalty to the business case
  •  Using the next generation NPS (Net Promoter Score) to drive growth
  •  Incorporating customer loyalty into product costing & investment decisions



Thought Leader Interview

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About Our CFO Thought Leader:

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaj3aaaajgu3mgu4njc5lte0odytngu0ns1hztkxltqwndk0zguyogiyzgMarty Ostermiller serves as Chief Financial Officer for HireVue. In this role, Ostermiller is responsible for everything finance and legal. Before joining HireVue, Ostermiller served as EVP of Finance & Operations for Balihoo, a venture-backed local marketing automation company. His responsibilities included leading finance, legal, HR, sales operations, customer success, and customer care. Prior to that, Ostermiller served as a Finance Director at RightNow Technologies and then Oracle, managing the finances across several areas of the business: marketing, cloud operations, IT, software engineering, human resources, and legal and contributing to the company’s phenomenal growth and eventual acquisition by Oracle.