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Below are 3-steps to help propel you on your thought leader’s journey!

Step 1: Master Your Narrative

For finance executives, who find their leadership roles broadening, a professional narrative has never been more important as finance leaders reach out to build relationships with other internal departments and with external stakeholders.

It seems that just as every good salesman is armed with a potent elevator pitch, finance executives these days must wield a finely distilled narrative boiled down to individual, bite-size portions.

03392b1Yet, for a considerable number of finance leaders, the question “How did you become a CFO?” becomes a departure gate for a jagged, meandering journey with no estimated time of arrival.

This is not to say that many CFOs don’t quickly serve up an engaging and lively response. Quite a few have done just that on our CFO Thought Leader Podcast, but it’s the stark differences between those finance leaders who quickly engage us and those who take us down the Amazon that exposes how powerful a polished professional narrative can be in the hands of a seasoned finance leader.

Interestingly, it seems while we’re asking finance leaders to look back, the best answer frequently points to the future.  

Step 2: Take a Leadership Leap (Reveal Your Passion)

By venturing outside the finance function, finance chiefs are today seeking to learn firsthand how finance can better partner with sales executives, marketing executives, and general managers. At the same time, finance chiefs have never been more introspective as they assess the qualities they possess that can best empower them to lead beyond the traditional finance realm.

To broaden their span of influence beyond finance, and advance down the thought leader path, finance leaders must take a leadership leap and adopt a new set of tools that can help them engage and inspire managers and other employees.

While driving change is the goal of every thought leader’s journey, passion is what fuels every leader’s stride and how that passion is transmitted to others is what ultimately determines the success of your journey.

Step 3: Go Prime-Time 

Here’s where CFO Thought Leader lends a hand. Let us share your journey’s ah-ha! moments, lessons learned and startling achievements with our fast growing finance community.

Permit us to advance your thought leader narrative by sharing your professional history and strategic insights with our growing audience of strategy-minded finance executives.

We know the story behind your thought leader’s journey will empower others to take inspired ACTION! 

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