434: The Courage to Challenge Without Bias | Rick Young, CFO, Tangoe

"I have a personal mantra that is 'progress over perfection.' There's no such thing as perfection. To me, perfection means that the world is static, and the world isn't static. You always have to constantly change and do better and always look to do better. I believe that our company's most important value is courage.…
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433: It’s Not What You Know, but Asking the Right Question | Karen O’Byrne, CFO, Modernizing Medicine

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432: Sizing Up Streaming with Steve Louden, CFO, Roku

While the viewing public watches TV, Roku CFO Steve Louden and his finance team are watching Roku's data—a treasure trove of viewing tastes, habits, and streaming developments that are being derived from the billions of hours of content that Roku streams quarterly. Join us when Steve explains how a data science and analytics platform—originally incubated…
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431: Arriving at Your S-Curve’s Inflection Point | Sian Wang, CFO, FastSpring

Regarding Growth: "We've done very well historically in terms of year-on-year revenue growth. But as we climb the inflection point of that curve, I think that we're trying to figure out how high our growth can be. This might involve greater international expansion or maybe improving or expanding our product offering. So there are a…
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430: Identifying Metrics That Drive Revenue | James Ciroli, CFO, Flagstar Bank

Join us when Jim Ciroli discusses how finance is helping to identify the levers that drive revenue and unlock new growth for Flagstar, the fifth largest bank mortgage originator nationally and third largest savings bank in the country. "At the end of the day, you can't manage more revenue. You can manage activities that you…
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429: Three Dealmakers, Inside and Out

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428: How Do You Measure Your Business? | Marc Linden, CFO, Sage Intacct

At first, CFO Marc Linden's ambition to drive growth appeared to be a victim of poor timing when the economic downturn upended Intacct's customer purchases. However, as more companies emerged from the nation's economic malaise, they revealed a growing appetite for cloud technologies. This was an appetite that Intacct was determined to satisfy with a broadening…
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427: CFO Priorities Inside a Not-for-Profit | 3 CFOs

Featuring: Julian Love, CFO, St. HOPE; Bob Bloom, CFO, Heifer International; Johanna Richman, CFO, ASPCA (2014–2017) Wielding deep expertise inside the realm of ERP implementation, CFO Julian Love's background was a strong match for St. HOPE, a public charter school system started by ex-NBA star Kevin Johnson. Struggling to manage its growing operations, St. HOPE turned…
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426: Part II: The Age of Real-Time Strategy Dashboards | CFO David Morris, Guardian Pharmacy, & Brett Knowles

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425: Kevin Parker on the Spot | Reprise John Kinzer, CFO, Hubspot

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