391: The Future of Compensation | Featuring Chris Cabrera, CEO, Xactly, & Brett Knowles, PM2

What if your company had unique lines of sight into the compensation best practices and approaches of your customers, and what if those lines of sight annually generated reams of data that endowed your firm with a pool of strategic information that few firms—if any—could match? Join us when Xactly Corporation CEO Christopher Cabrera and performance…
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390: The Outsiders | 3 CFOs Enter the C-Suite

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389: Right Tools, Right Growth | Teri McEvily, CFO, Riskonnect

Join us when Teri McEvily explains how the M&A activities of different companies routinely opened the door to new opportunities to learn and expand her operational view as she advanced firsthand the practices and approaches that would allow companies to achieve postmerger growth. Different Opportunities to Grow, One Career "At Sage, for example, I started…
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388: A Transformative Career | Jeanette Wade, CFO, Massachusetts Executive Office of Technology Services & Security

"My priorities over the next 12 months are to support the IT consolidation of activities for the Commonwealth to reduce complexity, enhance the way that constituents interact with our government, and also improve the way the 40,000 people on the Commonwealth payroll are working. That's achieved by enhancing our digital presence. By upgrading tools and…
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387: Have Your Team Tell the Story | Jennifer Lew, CFO, Aduro Biotech

Join us when Jennifer Lew explains how the finance team's data insights must not only support executive decision-making, but also help employees across the company "tell the story" and educate customers and key stakeholders about the company's quest to deliver value. "We're constantly thinking about our portfolio of assets and the larger business context for which we're…
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386: The Hiring Triangle: CEO, CFO, and the Board | Samuel Dergel

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385: Early Lessons: Five CFOs Share Their Formative Milestones

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384: When It’s Time to Book New Business | Ed Jordan, CFO, Billtrust

Join us when Ed Jordan retraces the steps of his finance career and explains how the intersection of finance and entrepreneurship became his career-building realm of opportunity. “Our focus over the next 12 months is to improve profitability. We will be taking a new look at all of our existing activities and figuring out which…
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383: Why Finance Leaders Must Be Chief Business Officers | Gary Roth, CFO, United Financial Capital Partners

What’s it like to be CFO of a firm that specializes in wealth counseling? Join us as CFO Gary Roth highlights the elements of a business plan that facilitated the rise of United Capital, a national financial planning firm that has grown into a 47-office organization thanks to an energetic mix of organic growth, acquisitions, and investment…
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382: When IT Is Top-of-Mind | Finance Leaders Discuss Their Favorite Applications

How is IT reshaping the role that finance plays within organizations? Join us when four finance leaders share their views on information technology and how new tools and applications are opening new doors to strategy-minded finance professionals.
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