414: Family, Discipline, and the Roots of Leadership | Charmaine Spence Rochester, CFO, Chester County Hospital

When Charmaine Spence Rochester describes herself as the only civilian in a "military family," you sense a reverence for the two words and the verbal energy that they radiate as a pair. "From what I've learned of the military, good leadership means taking care of your people," explains Spence Rochester during a traditional interview that…
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413: Once Is Never Enough | Brenda Morris (Serial CFO)

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412: Making an Impact | Ralph Cunha, CFO, IFN

"Always asking questions has really led me to acquire a broad knowledge of the business. When you go to a colleague and ask them to explain how something works or ask them 'How do we do these type of things as an organization?,' this helps in developing the necessary rapport with that individual and their…
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411: Five Finance Leaders Share Their Data Visions

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410: Monitoring Your Customers | Eric Bartholomae, CFO, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

Join us when finance leader Eric Bartholomae traces his path to the CFO office at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting and explains how more closely monitoring customer habits can signal both opportunities and challenges ahead.   Guest: Eric Bartholomae, CFO Company: Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Contact: www.wolterskluwer.com
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409: Tapping 2nd-Century Growth | Brian Lantier, CFO, EHE

Like many health wellness start-ups, EHE has an edgy website that splashes visuals of people participating in activities that promise healthy, long lives. However, EHE isn't a startup. In fact, entire industries have risen and fallen within EHE's 105-year lifespan. Still, the company's timing has never appeared better, at least inside the health and wellness…
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408: The CFO Dealmaker | Mark Biersmith, Jack Walsh, David Mahmood

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407: Three CFOs Make Office Transactions Transformative

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406: Building a Better Firm | Chris Andersen, CFO, Hoefer Wysocki

Having received degrees in both architecture and business (MBA), Chris Andersen is perhaps a rare breed inside the architecture realm, where finance executives frequently parachute in from other industries. As CFO of Hoefer Wysocki, Andersen has a unique kinship with the firm's professionals, and his insight into their priorities and architectural aspirations is allowing him…
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405: Finding Purpose to Fuel Your Finance Ambitions | Jennifer Templeman, COO, Jumpstart for Young Children

How does having a greater purpose influence your decision-making as a finance leader? Join us when Jennifer Templeman, COO of Jumpstart for Young Children, reveals her CFO mind-set and explains how building a career inside the not-for-profit sector has helped her to unlock the motivational secrets of organizational culture. Over the next 12 months, what…
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