401: Renovating the C-Suite | John Sculley, Investor; Former CEO, Apple & Pepsi

Guest: John Sculley, Investor; Advisor; Former CEO, Apple & Pepsi Company: Sculley Advisors Contact: www.SculleySpeaks.com         @johnsculley (Twitter)
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400: Adding Political Smarts to Your Leadership Style | Janet Phelps, Former CFO, Papa Murphy’s Pizza

Among the ranks of junior accountants that have long populated the corridors of the fast food industry, Janet Phelps would not have appeared destined to enter the CFO office. Of course, having secured an accounting job without a college degree may have signaled that she had something extra—but what, exactly? Initiative? As Janet learned, initiative…
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399: The Culture-Building CFO | CFO Jeanne Prayther, CFO Robert Bendetti, & Brett Knowles

For many small to midsize firms, the hiring of a finance leader signals a coming of age for an organization, a time when business growth becomes more reliant on company culture and business process than on entrepreneurial passions and instincts. Join us when Jeanne Prayther, CFO of e-Builder, and Robert Bendetti, CFO of Life Cycle Engineering,…
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398: Gaining a Sustainability Edge | Dan Fogel, Wake Forest University, & Brett Knowles, PM2 Consulting

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397: The CFO as Business Doctor | Frank Colich, CFO, Skytap

During the early part of Frank Colich's career, he was surrounded by scientists and engineers while owning little notion that he'd someday occupy the CFO office. The path to finance leadership would become exposed only years later, after he had completed an MBA degree and discovered a hefty appetite for FP&A, business modeling, and running…
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396: The Green Fields of Finance | Dave Kellogg, CEO, Host Analytics, Inc.

"Right now, we're focused on organic growth. We're pursuing that in North America. We're trying to do it in our core EPM market, which is financial planning, budgeting, consolidation, and reporting. We're not trying to move into adjacent markets. We're not trying to do international. We're trying to do self-funded organic growth, and our intent…
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395: Empowering the Business of Law | Jon Kanter, CFO, Goodwin Procter LLP

Jon Kanter built his career inside the professional services sector, where he began inside an accounting house and then jumped to an IT consultancy, where he acquired deep insight into measuring the output of human assets. He entered the legal world as an FP&A expert, a position from which he soon was promoted to the…
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394: Being Prepared When Markets Swing | Pete Childs, CFO, Workfront

Reprise Episode: When considering a new job, a finance leader must proceed with caution, allowing for time to execute background checks and gain a familiarity with the company’s culture, according to Pete Childs, CFO of Workfront, a software developer specializing in cloud-based enterprise work management solutions. Join us when Pete shares his CFO mind-set and explains how…
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393: Origins of a Finance Leader | Joseph Falcao, CFO, JSI Store Fixtures

Unlike many, Joseph Falcao's finance career routinely jumped industries, revealing a stubborn reluctance to be tied to any one industry or business model. Today, as CFO of JSI Store Fixtures, Falcao reflects back on a career track that supplied a wealth of varied experiences not found inside in any one industry. Advice to Your Younger Self:…
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392: Scratching Your Strategic Itch | Chris Baker, CFO, Goodwill Silicon Valley

Join us when Chris Baker, CFO, Goodwill Silicon Valley, explains how an appetite for strategy led him to some pivotal career decisions on the way to the CFO office. Learn how an ambitious ERP upgrade has led Chris to offer technology adoption lessons to the Goodwill organization at large. For the Strategy-Minded, Small Is Often Better…
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