411: Five Finance Leaders Share Their Data Visions

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410: Monitoring Your Customers | Eric Bartholomae, CFO, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting

Join us when finance leader Eric Bartholomae traces his path to the CFO office at Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting and explains how more closely monitoring customer habits can signal both opportunities and challenges ahead.   Guest: Eric Bartholomae, CFO Company: Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting Contact: www.wolterskluwer.com
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409: Tapping 2nd-Century Growth | Brian Lantier, CFO, EHE

Like many health wellness start-ups, EHE has an edgy website that splashes visuals of people participating in activities that promise healthy, long lives. However, EHE isn't a startup. In fact, entire industries have risen and fallen within EHE's 105-year lifespan. Still, the company's timing has never appeared better, at least inside the health and wellness…
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408: The CFO Dealmaker | Mark Biersmith, Jack Walsh, David Mahmood

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407: Three CFOs Make Office Transactions Transformative

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406: Building a Better Firm | Chris Andersen, CFO, Hoefer Wysocki

Having received degrees in both architecture and business (MBA), Chris Andersen is perhaps a rare breed inside the architecture realm, where finance executives frequently parachute in from other industries. As CFO of Hoefer Wysocki, Andersen has a unique kinship with the firm's professionals, and his insight into their priorities and architectural aspirations is allowing him…
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405: Finding Purpose to Fuel Your Finance Ambitions | Jennifer Templeman, COO, Jumpstart for Young Children

How does having a greater purpose influence your decision-making as a finance leader? Join us when Jennifer Templeman, COO of Jumpstart for Young Children, reveals her CFO mind-set and explains how building a career inside the not-for-profit sector has helped her to unlock the motivational secrets of organizational culture. Over the next 12 months, what…
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404: A Great Finance Career Adventure | Juan Figuereo, CFO & EVP (emeritus), Revlon Corp., Newell Brands, Cott Beverages

Looking back at his years with Arthur Andersen—the launching pad for a finance and accounting career that would span three decades and three continents—Juan Figuereo suspects that his eight-year stretch at AA may have been two or three years longer than what may have been required. Still, there was no second-guessing when he departed AA…
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403: CEO to CFO: Why Talent Matters

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402: Prepared for the Office | Diane Morefield, CFO, CyrusOne

Auditor, banker, management consultant—it's certainly not unusual for a CFO to have occupied one or two of these professional roles on their way to the C-suite. However, the number of CFO resumes that include all three as substantive career-building stints is undoubtedly a mere fraction of the whole. Join us when Diane Morefield explains how each…
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