421: Crossing the C-Suite | Four CFOs Turned CEO

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420: Making Life Decisions | Six CFOs Reveal How Their Private and Professional Lives Are One

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419: The Time Is Now | Jim Sherman, CFO, Avionos

As an E&Y audit partner, Jim Sherman logged more than a few miles on the road serving clients and helping management teams to understand what their numbers revealed about the direction of the business. Unlike many auditors, Sherman liked to connect with executives across the client's organization and answer questions from different areas of the…
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418: The Broadening Role | Steve Harding, CFO, Transwestern

  Technology Adoption "Don't try to re-create old processes with new technology. That just doesn't work. You need to utilize the capabilities of new technology and really use it to change your processes and make the processes much more automated and timely." Advice to Career Builders "When I listened to those headhunters—25 years ago—the jobs…
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417: Updating Your Data Vision | Paul Oldham, CFO, Advanced Energy

"One of the important things for me is to understand and track the revenue dynamics. What are the demand dynamics that are happening? How are we converting this to revenue? More important, how are we looking forward over time? We need to see these inflection points in the market to be prepared—things might soften a…
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416: A CFO’s Doorway to Independence | Patrick Shannon, CFO, Allegion

Over a period of 12 years, Patrick Shannon served in seven different finance and business development roles inside the sprawling operations of industrial manufacturer Ingersoll Rand, Inc. He found the work both challenging and satisfying, and outside CFO opportunities generated little interest—until one day when an outside opportunity came from inside Ingersoll Rand, where management…
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415: Your CFO Parachute | Leadership Lessons for Safe Landings Inside the C-Suite

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414: Family, Discipline, and the Roots of Leadership | Charmaine Spence Rochester, CFO, Chester County Hospital

When Charmaine Spence Rochester describes herself as the only civilian in a "military family," you sense a reverence for the two words and the verbal energy that they radiate as a pair. "From what I've learned of the military, good leadership means taking care of your people," explains Spence Rochester during a traditional interview that…
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413: Once Is Never Enough | Brenda Morris (Serial CFO)

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412: Making an Impact | Ralph Cunha, CFO, IFN

"Always asking questions has really led me to acquire a broad knowledge of the business. When you go to a colleague and ask them to explain how something works or ask them 'How do we do these type of things as an organization?,' this helps in developing the necessary rapport with that individual and their…
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