069: Rethinking Your Firm’s IP Strategy, Sumitra Rajagopalan, CEO, Bioastra

How does a company develop a sound IP strategy – one that can create win-win partnerships for the business? Join us as Sumitra Rajagopalan, explains how her company Bioastra  is today positioning itself as a world leader in smart materials thanks to open innovation and an enlightened IP strategy.


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The Fruits of Open Innovation

“Thanks to open innovation we have a terrific science and user community of largely Fortune 500 clients. …As we gained traction, we realized we had to find our own way when it came to managing the IP resources that were emerging because the only (available) model was contract research organizations, which essentially charge a fee for service and you give everything away. …(Instead) with every contract we have we are able today to build our core IP and have that strengthened IP available to the next client.”

IP Protection vs IP Nurturing





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