When Making Difficult Decisions | Anthony Scaglione, CFO, ABM Industries

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your CFO career?

“One of the principal things I’ve observed has been that if you’re not able to make a difficult decision, then you shouldn’t be surprised if someone else makes it for you. I know that sounds pretty draconian. But, in essence, we have to make the right decisions. We have to balance those decisions with a number of different facets, be it on the personal side, be it on the external side, be it on the internal side.

“But once you have a decision that you know is the right decision, you have to act on it. And I think that’s a challenge sometimes because there are so many different constituents that you’re trying to balance out as a CFO. But with the facts at hand, and with all the information, and with a team that supports you through the decision-making, my advice is always to make the decision, because if not, someone else will make it for you.”

Listen to our interview with Anthony HERE

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