387: Have Your Team Tell the Story | Jennifer Lew, CFO, Aduro Biotech

Join us when Jennifer Lew explains how the finance team’s data insights must not only support executive decision-making, but also help employees across the company “tell the story” and educate customers and key stakeholders about the company’s quest to deliver value.

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“We’re constantly thinking about our portfolio of assets and the larger business context for which we’re running our portfolio of various R&D programs. I also feel that mentorship is very important, especially to my my finance team and the greater team, and then I’m very attentive to the various stakeholders that are involved. Again: So, different audiences. You need to pay attention to how people are thinking about Aduro’s performance, and that could include our board of directors, our key investors, or other third parties that we work with and engage to help operate the company as a whole.” –Jennifer Lew, CFO, Aduro Biotech


Guest: Jennifer Lew, CFO

Company: Aduro Biotech

Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Contact: www.adurobiotech.com 

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