254: Energizing a Market Leader | Carol Lowe, CFO, Sealed Air Corporation

Join us when CFO Carol Lowe steps back in time to 2012 and explains her priorities upon arriving inside the CFO office of market leader Sealed Air Corporation.  Four years later, Carol is busy building a finance team determined to set a new standard for agility and responsiveness. Before Sealed Air, Carol worked for Carlisle Companies the Fortune 1000 company, while at Carlisle she served in a number of leadership positions including President of two business units, Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, and Treasurer.

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Guest: Carol Lowe, CFO

Company: Sealed Air Corporation

Founded: 1984

Headquartered In: Charlotte, NC

Powerful Promise of Value: We don’t just sell products. Instead, we are a knowledge-based provider backed by thousands of scientists, engineers, equipment, application and industry experts, and state-of-the-art laboratories dedicated to delivering tailored solutions for our customers.

Contacts: www.sealedair.com  @sealedair (Twitter)

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