365: A Purveyor of Eminent Domains | David Rostov, CFO, Donuts, Inc.

Join us when career CFO David Rostov explains the unique opportunity that at first glance escaped his view but later led him to join domains heavyweight Donuts, Inc. of Kirkland Washington. Learn what lessons David believes the dot-com implosion offers business leaders today and how a turn as a CEO informed his finance leadership.

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“Probably one of the hardest things, as you get more senior in your career, is learning how to manage people and improving your management of people. … In the business world, there isn’t a lot of mentoring that goes on about how to be a better manager, but I think that this is one of the most important skills that any business leader has to develop. And it’s not even really mentioned. So you often learn this the hard way, on the job and by doing—and sometimes doing it well and sometimes not doing it as well as you would like.”

Guest: David Rostov, CFO

Company: Donuts, Inc.

Headquarters: Kirkland, WA

Contact:  www.donuts.domains/    (twitter) @DonutsInc


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