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Presentation2-Copy-2-150x150Welcome to the CFO Thought Leader podcastOur mission is to bring you personal firsthand accounts of CFOs who are driving change within their organizations.CFO Thought Leader is all about inspiring finance professionals to take a leadership leap. We know that by hearing about the successes — (and yes, also the failures) — of others, today’s CFOs can more confidently chart their own leadership paths across the enterprise and take inspired action.

367: The Fungible World of Finance | Andy Mandell, CFO, CoolSys

  Digging Into the Product Life Cycle "Once when we did some consumer studies, people told us they bought a certain product because it was cheaper and it was cheaper because it was less expensive for us to manufacture. But we hadn't looked at the full cost of the product life cycle and when we…
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367: Adopting a Subscription Model | John Orlando, CFO, Centage

The Journey to the Cloud “At first, your P&L will very likely take a hit because when you operate as an on-premises software business, what you sell becomes recognized as net sales immediately—as opposed to when you're selling a three-year contract or a four- or five-year deal, when the revenue is going to be recognized…
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365: A Purveyor of Eminent Domains | David Rostov, CFO, Donuts, Inc.

Join us when career CFO David Rostov explains the unique opportunity that at first glance escaped his view but later led him to join domains heavyweight Donuts, Inc. of Kirkland Washington. Learn what lessons David believes the dot-com implosion offers business leaders today and how a turn as a CEO informed his finance leadership. “Probably…
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364: Taking Your Customer’s Pulse | Todd Seiffer, CFO, Businessolver

Join us when Todd Seiffer, CFO of Businessolver, a SaaS-based benefits technology company, retraces his path to the CFO office and explains how the customer experience is reshaping his finance leader priorities. Guest: Todd Seiffer Company: Businessolver Headquarters: West Des Moines, IA Contact:     @businessolver  
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363: Achieving a Global Alignment | Alejandro Scannapieco, CFO, Globant

Join us when CFO Alejandro Scannapieco of Globant looks back on his firm’s IPO and recalls the priorities and challenges that helped to shape the technology services firm’s global growth path. On Metrics "An important metric that we watch closely is the number of 'releases'—these are people who are being released from projects. We need to quickly understand what…
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362: Five IPO Finance Career Chapters

Join us when career CFO Lawrence Levy recalls the phone call from Steven Jobs that led Pixar to an amazingly successful IPO, Nutanix CFO Duston Williams recalls how the first company he took public required a finance talent overhaul, and HubSpot CFO John Kinzer and his team outline a list of post-IPO milestones. Plus, career…
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361: Acquiring Operational Smarts | Art Barter, CEO, Datron Communications

Join us when Art Barter, CEO and founder of the Servant Leadership Institute, explains how his finance career path took a detour to the CEO office of Datron Communications. Guest: Art Barter, CEO Company: Datron World Communications Headquarters: San Diego, CA Contact:
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360: Higher Education’s New Bottom Line | Laurie Leo, CFO, Roberts Wesleyan College

It's no secret that families across the United States are feeling the pinch of high college tuition costs. Nonetheless, the nation's colleges and universities have been experiencing a hypercompetitive environment that few commercial businesses would envy. Join us when Laurie Leo, CFO of Roberts Wesleyan College of Rochester, New York, explains the competitive dynamics that are leading…
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359: Your Life Is Your Creation | Raana Zia, Author, CFO (emerita), Dress Barn

For many finance professionals, having a successful career is a key ingredient to a rewarding life—but life can sometimes require that choices be made and a new balance be struck. It is at these times that we must listen to a voice from within, explains Raana Zia, CFO (emerita), Dress Barn, and author. For Raana, the path to…
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358: One Year After the IPO | Kim Drapkin, CFO, Jounce Therapeutics

Join us when CFO Kim Drapkin explains how she prioritizes the different aspects of her finance leadership role inside the biotech sector and reveals the different experiences that helped to prepare her to lead inside the entrepreneurial world of a mission-driven company. 2018 Milestones “We have our first clinical data coming out this year. So our…
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