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Presentation2-Copy-2-150x150Welcome to the CFO Thought Leader podcastOur mission is to bring you personal firsthand accounts of CFOs who are driving change within their organizations.CFO Thought Leader is all about inspiring finance professionals to take a leadership leap. We know that by hearing about the successes — (and yes, also the failures) — of others, today’s CFOs can more confidently chart their own leadership paths across the enterprise and take inspired action.

384: When It’s Time to Book New Business | Ed Jordan, CFO, Billtrust

Join us when Ed Jordan retraces the steps of his finance career and explains how the intersection of finance and entrepreneurship became his career-building realm of opportunity. “Our focus over the next 12 months is to improve profitability. We will be taking a new look at all of our existing activities and figuring out which…
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383: Why Finance Leaders Must Be Chief Business Officers | Gary Roth, CFO, United Financial Capital Partners

What’s it like to be CFO of a firm that specializes in wealth counseling? Join us as CFO Gary Roth highlights the elements of a business plan that facilitated the rise of United Capital, a national financial planning firm that has grown into a 47-office organization thanks to an energetic mix of organic growth, acquisitions, and investment…
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382: When IT Is Top-of-Mind | Finance Leaders Discuss Their Favorite Applications

How is IT reshaping the role that finance plays within organizations? Join us when four finance leaders share their views on information technology and how new tools and applications are opening new doors to strategy-minded finance professionals.
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381: The Transformation Catalyst | Anders Liu-Lindberg, Head of Global Finance PMO, Maersk

For those CFOs tasked with transforming the role finance plays within their organizations the transformation path often requires executives with skills and behaviors not ordinarily observed inside traditional finance corridors.  Successful transformations most always begin with a conversation designed to inform and engage finance team members and managers across the organization - but how can…
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380: Achieving a Long-Term View | Naren Goel, CFO, Ephesoft

For Naren Goel, CFO of Ephesoft, strategy execution begins with discussions involving functional business leaders from across the company. Only from conversational engagement (or dialogues) can finance identify the many critical strategic inputs that must inform the company's business model. Join us as Naren explains how he plans to prioritize the many aspects of finance…
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379: The C-Suite’s Quiet Leader | Tom Kolditz, Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University

When a crisis occurs, leaders who exude competence often advance to the front of the room, while the actions associated with motivational leadership become less warranted. "Competence" is a word that few other professions apply with the care and precision that is routinely administered by those who dwell in the realm of finance and accounting.…
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378: Advancing Transformative Transactions | Rob Gagnon, CFO, Harvard Bioscience

Join us when CFO Rob Gagnon explains how three recent transactions are helping Harvard Bioscience transform its business and open a new chapter of growth. "My priorities involve these transactions and helping to integrate the great company that we just acquired. We are now focused on organic growth as well and on driving top line…
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377: The SaaS CFO Reprise & Two CFO Tales of Collaboration

The tribe of finance leaders commonly identified as “SaaS CFOs” is busily developing the tools and management practices destined to reshape the finance function. It was not quite 100 years ago that Donaldson Brown arrived inside the offices of General Motors Corp.’s finance department. The future GM CFO had distinguished himself years earlier by developing…
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376: Making Social Media Your Organization’s Collaboration Catalyst | Jody Padar, The Radical CPA

The Social Mandate "At the end of the day, people do business with people. And if you don't show them who you are and if you don't show them authentically who you are using social—and by "them," I mean your external and internal stakeholders—you will miss opportunities. We used to only have to network or…
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375: Four Results-Oriented CFOs

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