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Presentation2-Copy-2-150x150Welcome to the CFO Thought Leader podcastOur mission is to bring you personal firsthand accounts of CFOs who are driving change within their organizations.CFO Thought Leader is all about inspiring finance professionals to take a leadership leap. We know that by hearing about the successes — (and yes, also the failures) — of others, today’s CFOs can more confidently chart their own leadership paths across the enterprise and take inspired action.

323: Empowering Finance to Optimize Strategy | Olivier Leonetti, CFO, Zebra Technologies

Join us when Olivier Leonetti retraces his steps up the CFO career ladder from Gillette to Dell Computer to Western Digital and Zebra Technologies. Learn how Olivier believes his multinational experience has broadened his strategic view of the role of finance and how enabling talent remains his top leadership imperative.   Quick Hits: 60 Second…
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The Afterpod | Mike Foley, CFO, Unity Technologies

When you entered the CFO office for the first time at Unity Technologies, what’s the one piece of advice you wish someone had given you? Foley: We started this conversation talking about the organization that I inherited and how I've had to change that. I would've put much more emphasis earlier on the systems capabilities…
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322: The Virtues of Radical Transparency | Mike Foley, CFO, Unity Technologies

Few names are better known in the realm of multiplatform games than Unity Technologies. The software developer's focus on "democratized game development" has primed the pump for independent game producers and led Unity to boast that its technology is already responsible for roughly 70 percent of virtual reality and augmented reality experiences. With few competitors…
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The Afterpod | Brad Dickerson, CFO, Blue Apron

“As far as leadership goes, I keep coming back to self-awareness. Where are you going to add value in the organization and where are you not? Build around those to balance out the competencies you need in your group to be successful. The thought here is that weaknesses are not necessarily a bad thing, and…
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321: Life on Campus | Mel Sansom, CFO, Harding University

As the costs for the average American college education continue to rise,  academic institutions and their financial inner workings have attracted greater scrutiny and become the subject of a national debate. Perhaps, like never before, the academic world is turning to seasoned finance leaders to better translate the economic challenges and hefty investments that are part…
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320: When Your Customers Are Also Your Investors | Roop Lakkaraju, CFO, MAANA

Join us when Roop Lakkaraju, CFO of MAANA, explains how the opportunity to help an early-stage private company maneuver down an ambitious growth path led him to open a new CFO career chapter. Learn how Roop is busy connecting MAANA's broadening finance function with the different aspects of the innovative data firm's business. Quick Hits:…
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The Afterpod | Ralph Bender, CFO, Manship Media

“I think the one thing that I would like to have done that I didn’t in my career is, I wish I had taken the time at some point a little earlier in my career to get an MBA. I’d like to consider myself a recovering CPA, recovering accountant. The numbers are important, but use…
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319: The CFO as Driver of Efficiencies | Matt Monzo, CFO, The Tri-M Group

As the finance leader of an electrical solutions provider overseeing 3,000 active customer engagements per year, Matt Monzo knows that there are 3,000 ways to grow the business—or put the business at risk. Join us when Matt explains how collaboration and relationships have defined his leadership tenure at The Tri-M Group and how he views…
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318: The Merits of Lifetime Customer Value | Renée Hornbaker, CFO, Stream

Six years ago, when Renée Hornbaker entered the CFO office of Stream, in Dallas, Texas, her first order of business was making certain her team had the CPA bench strength required to routinely produce accurate reports. Next, she focused on adding the skills needed to produce a dynamic forecast. More recently, her focus has been…
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317: Data Automation & the Future of Finance | Steve Love, CFO, Dialpad, & Brett Knowles, Thought Leader

Join us when Steve Love, CFO, Dialpad, and performance thought leader Brett Knowles reveal how automation is reshaping corporate functions while making finance’s analytical rigor more accessible across the organization. Learn how CFOs are already marching in step with the robots as they evaluate and automate the processes that will allow their team to refocus on becoming exceptional…
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