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Presentation2-Copy-2-150x150Welcome to the CFO Thought Leader podcastOur mission is to bring you personal firsthand accounts of CFOs who are driving change within their organizations.CFO Thought Leader is all about inspiring finance professionals to take a leadership leap. We know that by hearing about the successes — (and yes, also the failures) — of others, today’s CFOs can more confidently chart their own leadership paths across the enterprise and take inspired action.

348: It Takes More Than Hard Work—Part 2: Roy Austin, CFO (emeritus), D. J. Powers Company

Join us for Part 2 of our interview with Roy Austin, CFO (emeritus), of  D. J. Powers Company and learn how Roy acquired new coaching skills as his interest in helping small businesses continued to grow. Great Expectations "When I got there, I discovered that the controller they had hired when they bought this plant had…
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347: When Opportunity Knocked—Part 1 | Roy Austin, CFO (emeritus), D. J. Powers Company

After nearly three decades inside Eastman Chemical Company, Roy Austin thought that perhaps he was becoming burned out. As a senior accountant, he was a valued team member, but a number of key opportunities for career advancement had failed to come his way. Who was to blame? Roy decided that he could hold only himself accountable.…
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346: Making Data Connections | Darrell Cox, CFO, Vena Solutions

Join us when Darrell Cox, CFO of Vena Solutions, explains his priorities when it comes to advancing Vena’s customer offerings, scaling the organization, and identifying and aligning sources of data that can empower the company to look beyond the next quarter. “Basically, I need to prepare Vena for scale. I need to help us drive efficient growth,…

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345: ASC 606: Ready for Action | Steve Giusti, Controller, Xactly Corp.; John Dunican , Armanino, LLP

Believe the hype. ASC 606 is one of the biggest compliance changes for business since Sarbanes-Oxley. The new revenue recognition standard goes into effect at the end of 2017 for public companies and at the end of 2018 for private companies. The new standard is based on one overarching principle: When goods and services are…
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344: The Ironclad Solution | Tom Walsh, CFO, Art Iron

Thirty-four years ago, Tom Walsh opted to forgo a job offer with a large multinational company to become a senior accountant with a small steel fabrication company that had set down deep Midwestern roots under four generations of family ownership. Join us when Tom recalls some of the early career logic that influenced the fateful decision that…
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343: From CAO to CFO | Paul Jalbert, CFO, Progress Software

As a chief accounting officer for a large telecom, Paul Jalbert has had a career that has led him to routinely relocate as the large company sought to more tightly integrate different regional operations. Preferring to put an end to his relocation habit and stay put with his family in the Northeast, Paul saw a door swing…
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342: Making the Robot Invasion Your Career Catalyst | Jeff Thomson, CEO, Institute of Management Accountants

Join us when Jeffrey Thomson, CEO, IMA, explains how the changing career landscape for accountants and finance professionals is causing many to reevaluate the mix of skillsets and career experiences that is expected to advance finance's next generation of leaders. “The theory is that by automating the more routine, repeatable, transaction-oriented types of tasks or jobs, we are…
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341: The Race for Real-Time Data | Jenny Kray, CFO, Calabrio

Join us when Jenny Kray looks back at the career path that led her to Calabrio's CFO office and reveals her growing focus on accessing and distributing real-time data to elevate strategic decision-making throughout the Calabrio organization. When it comes to Calabrio's workforce and employees, what are your priorities as a finance leader? "The priorities are…
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340: Private Equity’s Software Crush | Vic Chynoweth, CFO, Planview

Inside the high tech realm, private equity players have long been known for buying underperforming companies and quickly flipping them for a quick profit. However, a growing number of PE firms have begun to increasingly view the sector as an opportunity for deeper, more strategic partnering relationships. Or so Vic Chynoweth, CFO, Planview, explains as…
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339: Exiting the Spreadsheet Roundabout | Ian Peacock, CFO, ClusterSeven

Join us when Ian Peacock, CFO, ClusterSeven, shares his CFO mindset and lists his finance leader priorities when it comes to expanding ClusterSeven's SaaS line of business. "So, currently we're pretty much self-funding. As we take on the challenges of developing a SaaS line of business, it may require some additional funding along the way,…
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