476: Virtual Finance Leadership Is Her Reality | Jill Vogin, CFO, TrainingPros

TrainingPros CFO Jill Vogin describes her early-career public accounting experience as a “virtual master’s degree” in corporate finance and accounting. It was also something of a good omen, given that Vogin now leads the finance function of a highly specialized staffing company with virtual offices throughout the country and (more recently) around the world. It’s…
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475: Advancing Product to Enter the Next Stage of Development | Barclay Phillips, CFO, G1 Therapeutics

G1 Therapeutics CFO Barclay “Buck” Phillips set his sights on the CFO position on day one of his very first job back in high school. After he hustled home to share the great news about landing the part-time gig, Phillips’s father, a stock broker, shared some prescient advice: "Son, always make sure you’re the guy…
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474: Legacy of a Chief Story Officer | Corinne Hua, CFO, Traction on Demand

A Chief Story Officer’s Legacy Given that finance executives are the top number-crunchers in the organization, it’s fascinating to hear Traction on Demand CFO Corinne Hua describe people, conversations, and narratives as crucial factors in her strategic calculations at her consulting and software development firm. Hua views her function’s primary role as crafting a compelling…
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473: Guidance for Your C-Suite Ascent | Emma Reeve, CFO, Constellation Pharmaceuticals

A global finance executive with a passion for healthcare, Constellation Pharmaceuticals CFO Emma Reeve offers straightforward advice to aspiring finance chiefs: Continually add new experiences to your backpack and take them with you to your next role. She’s certainly demonstrated that her approach works. Reeve’s 20-plus years of industry experiences extends across pharmaceutical, medical device,…
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Optimizing Your Team’s Strengths to Drive Growth | Ted Weitzel, VP of Finance, G2 Crowd

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472: Finding True North in the Land of Fast Casual | Patrick Harkleroad, CFO, Chanticleer Holdings

Chanticleer Holdings CFO Patrick Harkleroad knows how to distinguish between signals and noise. That’s evident when he’s helping colleagues mine an expanding trove of data for customer insights to improve customer experience at the company’s fast, casual, and full-service restaurant brands. It’s also the case when Harkleroad assesses his varied career experiences in investment banking…
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Garnering the Benefits That Come from Sharing SaaS Knowledge | Ben Murray, CFO, Cartegraph

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471: When a Megatrend Came Knocking | William Acheson, CFO, GWG Holdings

From a career development standpoint, one of the best things that William Acheson did to reach the CFO office was stepping away from corporate finance and accounting for 15 years. After coming up on the public accounting track, the GWG Holdings finance chief immersed himself in investment banking, the residential mortgage industry, capital markets, risk…
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Measuring How Data Influences Outcomes | James Walbom, CFO, Tiempo Development

Interview Excerpt: [spp-timestamp time="00:14"] CFOTL: First off, tell us a little something about Tiempo Development. What type of company is this? [spp-timestamp time="00:19"] Walbom: Tiempo is a nearshore software development outsourcing firm. We have over 400 developers in Mexico, and we develop software for U.S. companies, typically SaaS companies, which is why we’re here today. We partner…

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470: Rethinking Corporate Structures | Sean Cassidy, CFO, Arvinas

High-Growth Impact Arvinas CFO Sean Cassidy caught the high-growth bug early in his career. Shortly into his stint with Deloitte, Cassidy transitioned from a massive global financial services company to work with middle-market clients. He felt that he could make a more tangible difference for those companies by supporting them as they raised capital and…
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