461: Authoring Your Finance Career Adventure | Andrew Jackson, CFO, Ra Medical Systems

High-Risk, High-Reward Career-Building At first glance, Ra Medical Systems CFO Andrew Jackson’s 20 years as a finance executive in life sciences and technology companies seem have progressed in a traditional, orderly manner. A closer inspection of Jackson’s experience reveals that taking early-career risks can pay off handsomely. Jackson joined the manufacturer of laser-based solutions for…
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460: Advancing Down Your Growth Path | Chris Menard, CFO, BlueSnap

Leading with Analytics, but Accounting Comes First Of the three traditional paths to the finance chief’s seat, BlueSnap CFO Chris Menard took the approach less traveled, and it’s made quite a difference. While most fledgling finance executives begin their journey in public accounting or investment banking, Menard parlayed an undergraduate experience rich with entrepreneurial grooming…
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459: Savoring Your Risk Mitigation Opportunities | Rejji Hayes, CFO, CMS Energy

In a sector known for advancing leading-edge risk mitigation strategies, CFO Rejji Hayes offers a risk-minded response to those who ask why he steered his career into the power and energy sector. “I had this epiphany where I said, ‘It would be nice to find a sector that was a little less cyclical and a…
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458: Championing a Vision of What Change Looks Like | Tony Tripeny, CFO & EVP, Corning, Inc.

Mastering the Public Aspect of the CFO Tony Tripeny’s remarkable career at Corning can be defined by some impressive numbers: 33 years of service in every aspect of corporate finance at the 167-year-old company whose cutting-edge materials reside in nearly every cell phone and flat screen, among so many other products. Yet the veteran EVP…
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457: Advancing Your Long-Term View | Sean Quinn, CFO, Cimpress

A Continual Commitment to Growth Cimpress CFO Sean Quinn likes to set increasingly difficult professional goals for himself. His commitment to continual personal growth hasn’t hurt his mass customization company: Cimpress’s annual revenue has soared from $500 million when Quinn joined in the company nine years ago to roughly $2.6 billion today. We catch up…
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456: Season Highlights | Part 2: Bruce Hartman, Ethan Carlson

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455: CFOs on the Spot | 2018 Season Highlights from Our Roving Reporter

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454: Making Your Employees Feel Valued | Ron Shah, CFO & COO, Hodges-Mace

Guest: Ron Shah, CFO & COO Company: Hodges-Mace Headquartered: Atlanta, GA Connect: www.hodgesmace.com Subscribe to CFO Thought Leader Apple | Google | Spotify | Stitcher | iHeart | Android App
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453: Getting a Read on Customer Patterns | Anitha Gopalan, CFO, Catalant Technologies

Serving as a corporate finance executive for an organization on the perilous journey from “small and private” to “large, publicly listed, and thriving” taught Catalant CFO Anitha Gopalan what to hone in on as a finance chief. That experience and others like it also sharpened her gambling chops. She says that her Silicon Valley start-up…
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452: When Mission-Driven Means Data-Driven | Pavan Makhija, CFO, Possible

The executives and staffers profiled on Possible’s website are described by the nonprofit integrated healthcare provider as “possibilists”—“people with the perspective to embrace extraordinary challenge and the grit to get remarkable results anyway.” The term suits Possible CFO Pavan Makhija, a former investment banker who possesses dual undergraduate degrees in math and religion, a master’s…
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