Don’t Limit Yourself | Steffen Parratt, CFO, KCG Holdings, Inc.

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your CFO career? “It just seems to me that there’s so much opportunity in the world now. And what I mean by that is that technology has advanced so quickly. This is maybe a technology-centric view, but young people, and you know their names,…

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292: Empowering the Business | Steve Love, CFO, Dialpad

As an operations-oriented CFO, Steve Love has rapidly scaled both public and privately held SaaS/software and cloud-based technology companies. Join us when Steve traces his career from Ernst & Young (providing assurance and SEC services) to the CFO office, where he has raised funds from top-tier VCs and institutions, launched subsidiaries, and helped to target, negotiate, and…
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291: When Doubling the Company’s Size | Roberto Simon, CFO, WEX, Inc.

Having acquired Electronic Funds Source last summer as part of  $1.1 billion deal, WEX, Inc., has made no secret of its appetite for growth. Join us when WEX CFO Roberto Simon shares his CFO mind-set and explains how M&A challenges are really doors of opportunity that allow organizations to optimize their operations and sharpen their competitive edge. Guest: Roberto Simon,…
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The Power of the CFO Voice | James Tholen, CFO, Broadsoft

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your CFO career? “When you take on a leadership role in finance, whether you’re controller or CFO, finding and utilizing your voice is very important. There is an authority built into the position and there’s an authority that you create out of your…

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290: The CFO Work Ethic: Six Finance Leaders Explain Why There Is No Substitute for Hard Work

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289: Gaining Influence | Lars Sudmann, Finance Thought Leader

The former CFO of Procter & Gamble Belgium traces his steps back in time and shares advice for CFOs who are tasked with driving change within their organizations. Book Recommendations on Leadership and Management True North by Bill George The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard The Rules of Management by Richard Templar Lars's Site:…
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Widening Your Business Lens | Carol Lowe, CFO, Sealed Air Corp.

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your finance career? “My first job out of college was with Ernst & Young, now EY, in audit, and I progressed to become an audit manager. One key thing I learned as I would go from client to client, conducting those audits, working…

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288: The Big Year | Jack Callicutt, CFO, Galectin Therapeutics

To span the realm of opportunities in biotech is to gaze down an infinite loop of possibilities with no beginning or end—a place seemingly at odds with the environs of more practical-minded finance leaders, who find comfort in the finite. Yet few CFOs likely wield greater influence than those who set down roots in the…
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Place Trust in Others | Dan Crumb, CFO, Kansas City Chiefs

What do you wish someone had told you at the start of your CFO career? “For me, there has never been a time when I wished that someone had told me this or that, because I’ve always looked at every opportunity as sort of a blank canvas. As soon as I get started in a…

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287: Elevating Your Workforce Priorities | Amit Singhi, CFO, FLIR Systems

After spending 20 years building a finance career inside auto giant Ford Motor Company, Amit Singhi leaped to FLIR Systems, where he is now methodically redefining the role of finance as he advances a variety of talent development and organizational initiatives. Join us as Amit reflects back on the experiences that shaped his CFO mind-set…
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