The Afterpod | Sherry Buck, CFO, Waters Corporation

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“There are always going to be things that you don’t expect, and I think you need to plan for the unexpected in some regards and be very flexible.

“My biggest advice to anyone, as you’re looking at trying to make an impact, is to make sure that whatever you’re trying to change has an impact on the business or the business strategy, and to find someone who can be your advocate, so someone who sees that it’s going to have a direct benefit to them. Start small, and build some wins, and the momentum will happen for you.

“Nothing ever goes as expected, but I guess the way I’d look at it is that this is a journey. When you’re on a journey, there are some speed bumps, or there might be a curve in the road that you weren’t expecting. So, for example, you might want to think about some of the softer sides of things as far as a transformation goes. Some people struggle with change. So, it’s helping work with those individuals, and how you keep on kind of raising the bar, how you keep pushing on, coaching them, helping manage through the rough spots or maybe when they feel overwhelmed. Trying to get everything to match up, and this is about the softer standpoint.”

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