The Afterpod | Mark Buthman, CFO (Emeritus), Kimberly Clark

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“I had somebody ask me what my leadership philosophy was at one time, and it boils down to working hard and being nice. I have a sign in my office that says, ‘Work Hard and Be Nice.’ This doesn’t mean, necessarily, adding more hours to your day. But I think the two elements are, You’ve got to put forward your very best effort, your very best business performance, no matter what projects you’re faced with. This means your best effort in developing yourself and trying to improve the impact that you have on an organization in the people around you. When I say ‘work hard,’ I mean bringing your very best effort, and ‘being nice’ is about doing the right thing.

“It’s easy to be nice when you’re accelerating someone’s career through an organization, but you can also be nice and tell someone that they no longer have a role to play in your organization. Bring in a perspective that you’re doing things that are in the organization’s best interest and always coming at things with a genuine desire to make the organization or to make its people better and to bring out their best. I think the combination of those two things are things that I’ve always tried to live by and tried to live up to over my career.”

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