472: Finding True North in the Land of Fast Casual | Patrick Harkleroad, CFO, Chanticleer Holdings

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Finding True North

Chanticleer Holdings CFO Patrick Harkleroad knows how to distinguish between signals and noise. That’s evident when he’s helping colleagues mine an expanding trove of data for customer insights to improve customer experience at the company’s fast, casual, and full-service restaurant brands. It’s also the case when Harkleroad assesses his varied career experiences in investment banking (both capital markets and mergers & acquisitions), the restaurant industry, and while guiding struggling companies through turnarounds as a consultant to CFOs. He’s learned to pair his dogged determination and true-north focus with larger doses of empathy to better understand the unique perspectives of all stakeholders involved in difficult decisions and tough deals. Harkleroad also discusses the value that finance executives can derive by dedicating themselves to the “day-top-day grind” required to perform as an elite CFO.

Guest: Patrick Harkleroad

Company: Chanticleer Holdings, BURG (NASDAQ)

Headquarters: Charlotte, NC  

Connect:  www.chanticleerholdings.com

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