473: Guidance for Your C-Suite Ascent | Emma Reeve, CFO, Constellation Pharmaceuticals

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A global finance executive with a passion for healthcare, Constellation Pharmaceuticals CFO Emma Reeve offers straightforward advice to aspiring finance chiefs: Continually add new experiences to your backpack and take them with you to your next role. She’s certainly demonstrated that her approach works. Reeve’s 20-plus years of industry experiences extends across pharmaceutical, medical device, and bio-pharma companies, including big-name corporations (like Novartis, Merck, and Bristol-Myers Squibb), as well as development-stage biotech companies (Inotek Pharmaceuticals and Aton Pharma). While she methodically sought out experience in FP&A, accounting, investor relations, and just about every other corporate finance function, Reeve credits her work outside the finance and accounting realm—interacting with patient advocacy groups, partnering with business leaders, and collaborating with the marketing function—with helping her to reach the CFO office for the first time in 2002.

Guest: Emma Reeve, CFO

Company: Constellation Pharmaceuticals

Headquarters:  Cambridge, Massachusetts

Connect: www.constellationpharma.com

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