439: Keeping CROCI Top-of-Mind | Amit Singhi, CFO/COO, The Piston Group

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The Goal: To Achieve Better Governance—Without Bureaucracy

The Piston Group

“The intent was not to try to centralize everything. I believe in keeping the organization decentralized, nimble, fast, and flexible … but at the same time, we want to figure out how to better leverage the synergies that exist and can benefit all of the company. So this is not about adding layers or more staff or a more corporate structure, but it’s about coordination, communication, and collaboration across the companies to leverage the synergies that we have.” –Amit Singhi, CFO/COO, The Piston Group

Guest: Amit Singhi, CFO

Company: The Piston Group

Headquartered: Redford, MI 

Connect:  www.pistongroup.com

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