437: The Big World of Microfinance | Pamela Yanchik Connealy, CFO, Kiva

“I’ve had the good fortune to work at places like Genentech and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, where we were able to implement both financial constraints and head count constraints to force ourselves to make the appropriate trade-offs between portfolio decisions and investment decisions by the organization. I believe that this actually forced higher-quality hiring and better investments across the organization. But it’s not always obvious to people. When you take a role and you’re in a really successful organization, one might ask: ‘Why would you have constraints?’ But I believe in my heart that constraints lead to better decision-making.”

Guest:  Pamela Yanchik Connealy, CFO

Company:   Kiva

Headquartered:  San Francisco, CA

Connect:  www.kiva.org   (twitter) @kiva

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