428: How Do You Measure Your Business? | Marc Linden, CFO, Sage Intacct

At first, CFO Marc Linden’s ambition to drive growth appeared to be a victim of poor timing when the economic downturn upended Intacct’s customer purchases. However, as more companies emerged from the nation’s economic malaise, they revealed a growing appetite for cloud technologies. This was an appetite that Intacct was determined to satisfy with a broadening portfolio of SaaS offerings and one that Linden’s finance team would learn to measure and forecast in the years ahead.

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“It was not obvious—strategically or operationally—what the path to success was going to look like. So our stage one was getting the team in place and agreeing on a growth path forward. The second stage was surviving the recession that we all went through in 2008, 2009. It hit us a little later because we sell to small businesses and they were the last to be affected. But we came out stronger, and we became focused on how to continue to expand and accelerate growth. And we have been on an exceptional a growth path now continuously, year after year, where the question has always been: ‘How do we grow faster?’ And the trajectory of the company until today, and even through the merger, has not changed that. If anything, it’s accelerated it.”

Guest: Marc Linden, CFO

Company: Sage Intacct

Contact: www.sageintacct.com

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