416: A CFO’s Doorway to Independence | Patrick Shannon, CFO, Allegion

Over a period of 12 years, Patrick Shannon served in seven different finance and business development roles inside the sprawling operations of industrial manufacturer Ingersoll Rand, Inc. He found the work both challenging and satisfying, and outside CFO opportunities generated little interest—until one day when an outside opportunity came from inside Ingersoll Rand, where management was formulating a spinout that would shuttle an impressive collection of the company’s security brands into an independent company, known as Allegion. So, in 2013, Shannon climbed aboard as Allegion’s CFO and began a tour of duty that not unlike the seven roles that had preceded it requires a restless and independent mind.

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“There’s more data out there than we know. The question is, ‘How do you collect it in a meaningful way so that you can analyze it and have some insights for the business?’ At Allegion, we do a lot of things on the front end of the business that are driven not only from the finance organization but from inside the broader organization as well. We’ve gained a lot of additional insights related to how we interact with our customers and distributors by using CRM tools and utilizing them more effectively to better understand demand and what’s going on in the marketplace.”

Guest: Patrick Shannon
Company: Allegion  (NYSE: ALLE)

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland
Connect: www.allegion.com

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