404: A Great Finance Career Adventure | Juan Figuereo, CFO & EVP (emeritus), Revlon Corp., Newell Brands, Cott Beverages

Looking back at his years with Arthur Andersen—the launching pad for a finance and accounting career that would span three decades and three continents—Juan Figuereo suspects that his eight-year stretch at AA may have been two or three years longer than what may have been required. Still, there was no second-guessing when he departed AA for Pepsi in the late 1980s. Figuereo would spend more than a decade with Pepsi, serving in multiple finance leadership roles around the world before opting to return to the United States to satisfy a parental preference (that he and his wife shared) for having their children complete high school stateside. Listen as Juan reflects back on the decision-making and choices that would ultimately advance him into a string of CFO roles and allow his clear thinking to routinely penetrate the boardroom.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:44:15)

Guest: Juan Figuereo, CFO (emeritus)

Company: Revlon Corp., NII Holdings, Newell Brands, Cott Beverages

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