402: Prepared for the Office | Diane Morefield, CFO, CyrusOne

Auditor, banker, management consultant—it’s certainly not unusual for a CFO to have occupied one or two of these professional roles on their way to the C-suite. However, the number of CFO resumes that include all three as substantive career-building stints is undoubtedly a mere fraction of the whole.

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Join us when Diane Morefield explains how each of these rungs on her career ladder has served to inform her CFO leadership and better empower CyrusOne’s management to scale the firm upward and drive future growth.

Measuring the Customer Experience

“How we measure customer success is to look at the repeat leasing that we do with our existing customer base. While each quarter we’re signing leases with new customers—and that’s important to our success—roughly 70 to 80 percent of the leasing that we execute each quarter is done with existing customers. They’re either signing leases on additional data centers that they’re not already in or they’re expanding into existing centers, but I don’t know of a business where 70 to 80 percent of your revenue growth is coming from your customer base.”

Guest: Diane Morefield, CFO

Company: CyrusOne

Headquartered: Dallas, TX

Contact: www.cyrusone.com  @cyrusone (twitter)

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