397: The CFO as Business Doctor | Frank Colich, CFO, Skytap

During the early part of Frank Colich’s career, he was surrounded by scientists and engineers while owning little notion that he’d someday occupy the CFO office. The path to finance leadership would become exposed only years later, after he had completed an MBA degree and discovered a hefty appetite for FP&A, business modeling, and running the numbers. Join us when Frank recalls how a CEO’s job proposition allowed him to take a leadership leap and and create a CFO role where finance and growth meet.

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“My kids asked me, especially when they were younger, ‘What does a CFO do?’ One analogy that I would give them is to say: ‘I’m kind of like the doctor of the business. I walk into the patient’s room and look at the charts and look at all of the vital signs to help to determine the health of the patient.'” –Frank Colich


Guest: Frank Colich, CFO

Company: Skytap

Headquarters: Seattle, WA

Connect: www.skytap.com (Twitter) @Skytap

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