395: Empowering the Business of Law | Jon Kanter, CFO, Goodwin Procter LLP

Jon Kanter built his career inside the professional services sector, where he began inside an accounting house and then jumped to an IT consultancy, where he acquired deep insight into measuring the output of human assets. He entered the legal world as an FP&A expert, a position from which he soon was promoted to the CFO office. Today,  as CFO of Goodwin Procter, Kanter is helping to author a transformative chapter for the Boston law firm and the legal community at large.

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“Attorneys, while they might be Type A people, are very conservative and cautious in their nature. On the whole, they don’t do change well. And they don’t tend to embrace it. Obviously, that’s a generalization, but change is definitely being forced upon them, whether they like it or not. Essentially, the recession back in ’08 or ’09 triggered a transformation for the whole legal sector because all of a sudden, legal services became a buyer’s market.” –Jon Kanter

Guest: Jon Kanter, CFO

Organization: Goodwin Procter, LLP

Headquarters: Boston

Contact: www.goodwinlaw.com      @goodwinlaw

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