393: Origins of a Finance Leader | Joseph Falcao, CFO, JSI Store Fixtures

Unlike many, Joseph Falcao’s finance career routinely jumped industries, revealing a stubborn reluctance to be tied to any one industry or business model. Today, as CFO of JSI Store Fixtures, Falcao reflects back on a career track that supplied a wealth of varied experiences not found inside in any one industry.

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Advice to Your Younger Self:

“Two things come to mind. One, spend more time out of the office, meeting with customers, meeting with vendors. … I would like to have learned more quickly the market dynamics and have had more meaningful conversations earlier in my tenure. The second one is to reach out to other members of the executive team and see how you can help them succeed. Because everyone is striving in the same direction, so help them.” –Joseph Falcao

Guest: Joseph Falcao

Company: JSI Store Fixtures

Headquarters: Jasper, IN

Contact: www.jsifurniture.com     (Twitter) @JSIfurniture 

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