389: Right Tools, Right Growth | Teri McEvily, CFO, Riskonnect

Join us when Teri McEvily explains how the M&A activities of different companies routinely opened the door to new opportunities to learn and expand her operational view as she advanced firsthand the practices and approaches that would allow companies to achieve postmerger growth.

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Different Opportunities to Grow, One Career

“At Sage, for example, I started off as the CFO of the small business division, where I was able to work through multiple acquisitions not only on the deal side, but also on the assimilation of those acquisitions into the fold. And then, I took on the role of a vice president of business services and really led a large-scale implementation, which forced me to look through the lens as an operational leader and enlarge my view of the end-to-end processes. So, to me, while these roles were under the same umbrella or same company, they were very different roles, and the routine wasn’t the same thing all the time.”

Guest: Teri McEvily

Company: Riskonnect

Headquarters: Kennesaw, GA

Contact: www.riskonnect.com (Twitter) @riskonnect

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