381: The Transformation Catalyst | Anders Liu-Lindberg, Head of Global Finance PMO, Maersk

For those CFOs tasked with transforming the role finance plays within their organizations the transformation path often requires executives with skills and behaviors not ordinarily observed inside traditional finance corridors.  Successful transformations most always begin with a conversation designed to inform and engage finance team members and managers across the organization – but how can a finance leader trigger such a discussion? And once triggered how should the discussion progress to best serve the organization as it adopts a mind-set to accept change? Enter Anders Liu-Lindberg, a seasoned finance executive often charged with helping trigger such discussions. Join us when Anders explains his unique role as head of Global Finance PMO for Maersk, and the variety of communication tools he uses to fuel the discussion internally, while creating a two-way channel with the outside world – one that allows Maersk to educate its partners and customers as it gleans new insights.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:25:21)


Guest: Anders Liu-Lindberg, Head of Global Finance PMO

Company:   Maersk

Headquarters: Esplanaden 50, 1098 København K, Denmark

Contact: www.maersk.com    (Twitter)

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