380: Achieving a Long-Term View | Naren Goel, CFO, Ephesoft

For Naren Goel, CFO of Ephesoft, strategy execution begins with discussions involving functional business leaders from across the company. Only from conversational engagement (or dialogues) can finance identify the many critical strategic inputs that must inform the company’s business model. Join us as Naren explains how he plans to prioritize the many aspects of finance leadership in order to help Ephesoft realize its strategic vision.

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“To me, the strategic part of the CFO role begins with the strategic thinking process within the company. In fact, we must help to encourage those strategic sessions within the company and orchestrate and create an environment in which to have strategic dialogues and then use that information to build out our model and the financial view of the business on a long-term basis. What I tend to do is to create different scenarios—for example, a best-case scenario and a most-likely-worst-case scenario—to help everyone understand the business side of things. This requires a lot of inputs, and you need to achieve a close relationship with functional business leaders and encourage them to think in both business and human terms.” –- CFO Naren Goel


Guest: Naren Goel, CFO

Company: Ephesoft

Headquartered: Irvine, CA

Contact: www.ephesoft.com      (Twitter) @Ephesoft

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