379: The C-Suite’s Quiet Leader | Tom Kolditz, Doerr Institute for New Leaders, Rice University

When a crisis occurs, leaders who exude competence often advance to the front of the room, while the actions associated with motivational leadership become less warranted. “Competence” is a word that few other professions apply with the care and precision that is routinely administered by those who dwell in the realm of finance and accounting. Competence is what often sets apart finance leadership and what frequently summons CFOs to the front of the room when a crisis occurs.  Join us when Tom Kolditz, a retired brigadier general and founding director of the Ann and John Doerr Institute for New Leaders at Rice University, explains the unique leadership qualities that are summoned at times of crisis.

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Tom Kolditz speaking at MIT Sloan CFO Summit, 2017

Guest: Tom Kolditz

Contact: www.doerr.rice.edu



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