373: The Five Traits of Effective Finance Executives (Part I) | Bruce Hartman, CFO (emeritus), Foot Locker, Inc.

Join us when Bruce Hartman revisits Foot Locker, Inc.’s turnaround chapter and identifies the priorities that allowed his finance team to stay focused and committed to the company’s return to profitability. Learn how Bruce’s detail orientation allowed him to glean insights into the business and develop his skills as a visionary leader.

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Five Traits of Effective Finance Executives

“Number one: Look for people who have the ability to get things done. These are the people with whom you have a conversation and they hear what you have to say and they always surprise you with their ingenuity in getting things done no matter how difficult the task. The second thing is to surround yourself with people who listened to learn. These are the people who ask questions first and state their opinion second. The third is knowing the details—but beyond knowing the details, being able to analyze effectively is very important in terms of understanding what the details are telling you. The fourth is to surround yourself with people who develop other people because in every organization there are invariably openings and it’s very disruptive if you have to go to the outside to hire people. So if you have managers working for you who develop other people, you can quickly fill any of the openings that would pop up here and there throughout a year. And being able to have people who are already ingrained in the culture and know the system and are up-and-coming is very important. The fifth is to find people who have a results orientation. So, in other words, their first thought is, How do I get things done? How do I get them done? Well, what can I do next to help?”

Guest: Bruce Hartman, CFO (emeritus) & Author

Company: Foot Locker, Inc.

Contact:  www.brucelhartman.com

Bruce’s Book:  Jesus & Co.: Connecting the Lessons of the Gospel with Today’s Business World.


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