371: Finance & the Power of “We” | Tom Hood, Executive Director, MACPA

Join us when Tom Hood recalls discovering his passion for helping accounting and finance professional to realize the collaborative and strategic power of group discussions. Learn why finance leaders now more than ever must achieve an alignment between skills-building and corporate strategy to successfully advance down the transformation path.

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On Finance’s New Age of Skill-Building

“The advice that I give to finance leaders right now is that you have to be responsible for managing the trajectory of your team, matched to the trajectory of the strategy of your organization. That is a very fast pace for transformation. A quote from one futurist is:  ‘If you automate, you must elevate the skills and talent of your team.’ So if there’s ever been a case for seriously elevating the skills of your team, this is the age—it’s the age of automation, artificial intelligence, big data analytics. Finance leaders are going to require more support in doing things than ever before, and they’re going to need their people to be thinking at a level at which they’ve never had to think before.” –Tom Hood, CEO, MACPA

Building Your Collaborative Skill Set

Guest: Tom Hood

Organization: Maryland Association of CPAs

Headquarters: Towson, MD

Contact: www.macpa.org  (twitter) @MACPA

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