369: The Digital DNA Frontier | Beth Jantzen, CFO, Applied DNA Sciences

Join us when CFO Beth Jantzen spotlights opportunities along the ethical sourcing frontier and explains the career milestones that led her to join a management team determined to apply cutting-edge science to some of the supply chain world’s most daunting challenges.

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The Commercialization Chapter

“Since we are still in a commercialization phase and expanding our business and entering other countries, the goal for 2018 is to align and implement our forecasts for revenue and the potential we have for revenue with our budgets, our business model, and our resources, and also to make sure that we have them aligned in the right verticals.” –CFO Beth Jantzen



Guest: Beth Jantzen

Company: Applied DNA Sciences

Headquarters: Stony Brook, New York

Contact:  www.adnas.com   @APDN

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