356: The Power of Optimal Capital Allocation | Sean Quinn, CFO, Cimpress

When Sean Quinn stepped into the CFO office for the first time, he knew exactly what to expect—discomfort, a residual feeling that most executives experience after advancing into a role that tests their skills, experience, and willingness to learn. For Sean, the discomfort was proof that he was where he needed to be. Join us when Sean reflects on his path to the CFO office and explains why he believes that new insight into capital allocation will unlock new value for Cimpress and its shareholders.

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Exposing the Levers of Cash Flow

“I’ve seen the power of aligning people with a metric. That alignment is what we want to focus on, but there’s a big educational process that needs to take place. It’s really important that we educate deeper into the business to sharpen the focus on our free cash flow and the levers that exist to achieve that, so I want to continue to make progress there.”

Quick Hits: 60-Second Insights

Guest: Sean Quinn

Company: Cimpress

Headquarters: Venlo, Netherlands

Contact: www.cimpress.com  @cimpress (Twitter)


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