353: The Expressive CFO | Kelly Steckelberg, CFO, Zoom Video Communications

Turn back the clock, and you’ll see that Kelly Steckelberg’s CFO career took a surprise turn when she advanced into the CEO office for a number of years. Back inside the finance realm as CFO of a fast-growing video conferencing company, Kelly now credits her CEO turn as helping to better illuminate the path of a strategy-minded CFO. Join us as Kelly reveals the finance leadership role that she has created to help Zoom Video Communications navigate an ambitious growth path.

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The Growth Company Challenge

“It’s a fine line to walk as a finance person in helping to support growth and manage it without slowing it down in any way. But ensuring that you’re investing in the right areas and not overinvesting somehow such that the processes in-house are not going to be able to keep up with the growth is really helping to ensure that we’re building this company to be scalable and self-sustaining, while in no way impeding or throttling its growth and potential at the same time.” –Kelly Steckelberg, CFO


Guest: Kelly Steckelberg, CFO

Company: Zoom Video Communications

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Contact:  www.zoom.us  @zoom_us



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