350: How Travel Became One CFO’s Ticket to Ride | Dan Figenshu, CFO, Rocketrip

It was no coincidence that on the same day that Dan Figenshu agreed to join Rocketship as its CFO, the software developer lost one of its most loyal repeat customers—the reason being, of course, that Figenshu and the customer were one and the same. Having built a finance career inside New York’s margin-minded media industry, Figenshu had become a big fan of the software developer’s travel spend application and its approach to modifying employee behaviors by using incentivizing rewards. Join us when Dan explains the opportunity that led him to let go of his media industry roots and leap into the SaaS travel management realm.

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“I love that finance interacts with almost every department. We don’t talk to just finance and accounting people. We get to work with marketing and product development and engineering and sales and every other group. I want to make sure that this is a role that I’m fulfilling and that it is strategically helpful to all of those various departments—that’s what I find interesting and challenging about the CFO role.”

Guest: Dan Figenshu,CFO

Company: Rocketrip

HeadquartersNew York, NY

Contact: www.rocketrip.com @rocketrip




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