345: ASC 606: Ready for Action | Steve Giusti, Controller, Xactly Corp.; John Dunican , Armanino, LLP

Believe the hype. ASC 606 is one of the biggest compliance changes for business since Sarbanes-Oxley.

The new revenue recognition standard goes into effect at the end of 2017 for public companies and at the end of 2018 for private companies. The new standard is based on one overarching principle: When goods and services are transferred to the customer, companies must recognize revenue in an amount that is proportionate to what has been delivered at that point.

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Steve Giusti, Controller, Xactly

Join us as Steve Giusti, VP & Controller, Xactly, reveals the path that Xactly blazed to meet the challenges of the new standard while avoiding added cost and time. Next, John Dunican, CPA, of Armanino LLP will explore some of the specific challenges that ASC 606 poses to finance teams and highlight a number of industry-specific approaches for companies inside the real estate, high tech, manufacturing, life sciences, professional services, and software industries.

John Dunican, Partner, Armanino, LLP

It’s no secret that the mix of skills and experience demanded by successful finance teams is quickly evolving, and at no time has the need to attract, grow, and retain talent competencies inside the finance function been more critical to finance leaders.



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