342: Making the Robot Invasion Your Career Catalyst | Jeff Thomson, CEO, Institute of Management Accountants

Join us when Jeffrey Thomson, CEO, IMA, explains how the changing career landscape for accountants and finance professionals is causing many to reevaluate the mix of skillsets and career experiences that is expected to advance finance’s next generation of leaders.

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“The theory is that by automating the more routine, repeatable, transaction-oriented types of tasks or jobs, we are freeing up time to add more value to the enterprise. That’s the area that we need to hone in on. But what specifically does that mean? You don’t see as much written about that part because that’s the hard part. We have a great, reputable profession—a storied profession grounded in ethics—but agility and change are not necessarily what we’re known for.” –Jeff Thomson

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Guest: Jeffrey Thomson, CEO

Organization: Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)

Headquarters:  Montvale, New Jersey

Contact:  www.imanet.org   @IMA_News

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