341: The Race for Real-Time Data | Jenny Kray, CFO, Calabrio

Join us when Jenny Kray looks back at the career path that led her to Calabrio’s CFO office and reveals her growing focus on accessing and distributing real-time data to elevate strategic decision-making throughout the Calabrio organization.

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When it comes to Calabrio’s workforce and employees, what are your priorities as a finance leader?

“The priorities are making sure that employees understand the pace of change and enabling them to be innovative in what they’re doing. Which means being able to come up with ideas and see them through, not just come in each day and do only what they’re told. … So a priority for me is helping the team to strategically think about what they’re doing, how they’re doing it, and providing data so that we can supply insights and trends as quickly as possible to help drive the business.”

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Guest: Jenny Kray, CFO

Company: Calabrio

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN

Contact:  www.calabrio.com   @calabrio

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