339: Exiting the Spreadsheet Roundabout | Ian Peacock, CFO, ClusterSeven

Join us when Ian Peacock, CFO, ClusterSeven, shares his CFO mindset and lists his finance leader priorities when it comes to expanding ClusterSeven’s SaaS line of business.

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“So, currently we’re pretty much self-funding. As we take on the challenges of developing a SaaS line of business, it may require some additional funding along the way, but our current investors have already bought into what this may require. … It’s actually quite interesting here to be able to spend more time concentrating on the business rather than worrying about investor pitches on a regular basis.”

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Guest: Ian Peacock, CFO

Company: ClusterSeven

Headquarters: London, England

Contact: www.clusterseven.com  @ClusterSeven

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