333: Office of the Chief Problem-Solver | Ian Charles, CFO, Host Analytics

Understanding the unique challenges faced by a growing company and mobilizing a company’s workforce, management, and even board members to address and remedy those challenges are often dependent on a finance leader’s ability to problem-solve—an acquired skill set that draws on a CFO’s ability to communicate across the organization, according to Ian Charles, CFO, Host Analytics. Join us when Ian explains how effective communications and measuring the customer experience are now central to CFO success.

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As companies strive to be more forward-looking, who do you view as the champions of change?

“I’ve seen it come from the bottom up. I’ve seen a very proactive finance group where an FP&A group will sell it to the CFO and say, ‘This is the kind of technology we need to get visibility into the business.’ … I’ve also seen CFOs bring it from the top down through their organizations. Some of our customers are very centralized in their decision-making process and limit the information and the reporting and planning to a very small number of people. That doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re getting more or less out of the value that the platform delivers, but their culture is to keep it very centralized. At the same time, I’ve seen it the other way around as well.”


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Guest: Ian Charles, CFO

Company: Host Analytics

Headquarters: Redwood City, CA

Contact: www.hostanalytics.com  @host_analytics


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