330: A CFO’s Appetite for Disruption | Duston Williams, CFO, Nutanix

Join us when we ask Duston Williams to revisit his CFO career’s opening chapter at Western Digital and expose the singular finance leadership journey that followed. To date Duston has served 18 years in a variety of CFO roles and raised more than $3 billion in financing. Learn how “Bigness of Vision” is what led him to open his latest CFO career chapter at cloud computing disrupter Nutanix.

Path to CFO: During Duston Williams’s 14-year tenure at Western Digital Corporation, including four years as its CFO, the company grew from $200 million to over $4 billion in revenue.


Duston’s ASC 606 Report |  New Revenue Rules—ASC 606

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Guest: Duston Williams

Company:  Nutanix

Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Contact: www.nutanix.com @nutanix


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