329: Building Your Finance Network | Robert Bendetti, CFO, Life Cycle Engineering

Join us when Robert Bendetti, CFO, Life Cycle Engineering, recounts what led him to establish a CFO Council for the greater Charleston, South Carolina, region and why he feels that advice and insights from peer leaders are a precious resource that no finance leader should do without.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:49:01)

CFO Guest: Robert Bendetti

Company: Life Cycle Engineering

Headquarters: Charleston, South Carolina

Industry: Professional Services

Key KPIs: Labor Utilization, Backlog,  Sales Pipeline

After Hours: All in a Day’s Leisure

Bendetti was recently a finalist in CBIZ’s 2017 National CFO Photo Contest—his entry featured a montage of leisuretime snapshots.

Contact:  www.lce.com  @LCE_Today

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