326: The Road Less Taken: CFO to CEO | Roger Varin, CEO, Stäubli N.A.

Being fluent in French may not rank high among the desired qualifications for most industry CFOs, but for Stäubli of Switzerland, few proficiencies could add more luster to a finance leader’s resume than the words “French-speaking.”  Or so recalls Roger Varin, whose fluency in French helped to swing open the door to Stäubli North America’s CFO office. A little more than 20 years later, Varin is now Stäubli N.A.’s CEO. Join us when Roger explains why a finance leader became the obvious best choice to fill Stäubli’s CEO vacancy.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:25:59)

Guest: Roger Varin CEO

Company: Stäubli N.A.

Headquarters:  Duncan, SC

Contact: www.staubli.us

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