319: The CFO as Driver of Efficiencies | Matt Monzo, CFO, The Tri-M Group

As the finance leader of an electrical solutions provider overseeing 3,000 active customer engagements per year, Matt Monzo knows that there are 3,000 ways to grow the business—or put the business at risk. Join us when Matt explains how collaboration and relationships have defined his leadership tenure at The Tri-M Group and how he views greater efficiencies as the key enabler for future growth.

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Quick Hits: 60-Second Insights

After Hours: Elvis Has Left the Building

Monzo was recently named a finalist in CBIZ’s 2017 National CFO Photo Contest after his daughter submitted a snapshot from a dance recital, where Monzo—turned Elvis impersonator—was recruited by his daughter’s instructor to add a little something extra to the event.



Guest: Matt Monzo, CFO

Company: The Tri-M Group

Headquarters: Kennett Square, PA 

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