288: The Big Year | Jack Callicutt, CFO, Galectin Therapeutics

To span the realm of opportunities in biotech is to gaze down an infinite loop of possibilities with no beginning or end—a place seemingly at odds with the environs of more practical-minded finance leaders, who find comfort in the finite. Yet few CFOs likely wield greater influence than those who set down roots in the possibility-rich biotech grasslands. Join us when Jack Callicut charts his finance career path and explains the distinct mind-set that sets apart biotech business leaders and routinely opens new worlds of opportunity.

Listen to the Episode Below (00:30:25)

Guest: Jack Callicutt, CFO

Company: Galectin Therapeutics,Inc.

Industry:  Biotech

Headquarters: Norcross, Georgia

Ownership: (NASDAQ: GALT)

Contact: www.galectintherapeutics.com @GalectinGALT(Twitter)


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