286: Mastering the On Demand Talent Model | Nick Vandergrift, CFO, MS Companies

MS Companies has created a way for more than 600 manufacturers, including 20 Fortune 500 companies, to instantly fill open jobs and reduce workforce costs by calculating exactly how many on-demand workers are needed to meet their demands.  Join us when Nick Vandergrift, CFO, MS Companies explains how he first joined the firm as a financial analyst and steadily advanced upward as the vision of entrepreneur CEO Pete Butler quickly became a reality and more companies sought out the economic benefits of on demand labor.

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“So our big strategic moment, if you will, was to come up with a way to present real-time financials so that our sales team had real-time commission dashboards. And that our ops teams had real-time P&L dashboards. So that they could login to their system and at any point in time see where they stood in their performance against their objectives.

It was about 18 months ago that we finally were able to get through the input process mapping and create kind of that backend automation that would drive these dashboards. Instead of looking at a Microsoft Word document for an agenda, we’re logging in and we’re looking in real time.” – Nick Vandergrift, CFO, MS Companies


CFO Guest: Nick Vandergrift

Company: MS Companies

Industry: Talent Management

Headquarters: Indianapolis, IN

Ownership: Privately held

Contact: www.mscompanies.com @mscompanies (Twitter)

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